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Women with type 3 and type 4 hair are seeing noticeable results in sometimes 2 weeks or less with our Allurium Hair Growth Serum! 

Formulated specifically for women of color, it contains a unique blend of ancient organic herbs and natural vitamins that stimulate your hair follicles and encourages new hair growth from your trouble areas.

Women everywhere are overjoyed because their hair is finally growing, after trying countless other products on the market and nearly giving up.

Get ready for the change you've been looking for! 

Did You Know Almost Half Of Women Of Color Suffer From Balding According To Johns Hopkins Medicine? 

If You Are One Of Them, You Know That Shedding Hair Everyday Not Only Wipes Out Your Scalp: 

  • It also burns hundreds of dollars from your wallet by forcing you to try the next new gimmick cream or artificial liquid.
  • It wastes your precious time you could be using to enjoy life and grow as a woman.
  • It destroys your scalp by leaving you with no choice but to stab your follicles with sew-in extensions and other things that are irreversibly sabotaging future hair growth (More on that later, it’s crucial for you to beware of this).
  • It kills your true potential and confidence by making you miss out on the best version of yourself, the best potential partners, the best career opportunities… you name it.
And it crushes every hope of change and improvement (The National Institutes of Health reports that the average onset of hair loss in women of color is 25 years old, and some poor girls fall victim to it as young as six years old!).
It’s an uphill battle that looks like it will never end. And for most women like you and hundreds of thousands of others, the more attempts, the less confidence they have. Nothing works for them. But is it really their fault? Absolutely not, here are the culprits.
1. Corporations that only care about their bottom line - More sales to fatten their pockets at your cost.
2. Delusional marketing teams that push a completely delirious idea of beauty that is completely detached from real ethnic beauty, because they believe beauty isn’t found in black women.
3. Laboratories that think you are a free testing subject they can nuke your scalp with indecipherable chemicals and other things that give you one thing at the cost of ten (Hint: Your overall health).
4. Lazy medical professionals will perpetuate the “Oh it’s hereditary” myth and tell you to just live with it (Fact: African hair is underwhelmingly under-researched by western medicine).
They don’t understand black hair. They couldn't even understand even if they tried to... Look: There’s a very special somebody who understands you because they are you.

Black Issues Require Black Solutions - And We Have A Black Miracle. Here’s The Story.

Look at these beautiful women. They are your spiritual sisters from across the world. Their hair is just like yours. They share the same DNA, same scalp, and same follicles as you. It’s not genetics why it grows so long. Their hair potential is your hair potential. But there’s a difference.

Notice how their hair is lush, thick, and reaches all the way down to their waist. What is their secret? They clearly don’t use extensions or “Women’s Rogaine”.

The marvelous wonder behind these girls’ perfect manes is completely astonishing because it’s a drug-free, no side effect, nourishing, hair-boosting concoction that will make any black woman’s scalp - From Los Angeles to Ethiopia, completely bald-proof and radiant.

These women are from the Basara Arab tribe of Chad. This tribe and their potent hair blend own a heritage all the way to the year 1391, making its magic more tested and proven than any American brand by hundreds of years.

So What’s The Elixir? It’s A Paste Called Chebe. And No, It’s Not Just A Cream Or A Herbal Product Like The Ones You’d Find In The Store.

Chebe is special because its main ingredient it banishes any dead follicle zone granting a new lease of life and a dramatic turnaround to the baldest of heads.
Looks like a normal plant right? Corporations don’t know the juices inside it have miraculous effects on hair.
You will not find the plant that Chebe is made of anywhere outside of Africa. It will simply not grow in non-African lands - Only the special soils of Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, and Burkina Faso.
You will also not find any lab-made compound that imitates the magic of Chebe (Remember that American companies don’t even know about this).
In fact, we call it magic because we still don’t understand how it works… all we know it’s that just works miraculously.

And These African American Women Are Witnesses Of It:

These Women Had Their High Hopes Completely Restored In Just Weeks By Applying Chebe On Their Heads. Their Bald Spots Became A Thing Of The Past.

But there was a problem with Chebe one that prevented it from being the perfect solution for African American hair. Chebe is thick, gritty, and doesn’t look good. Plus, you have to wear it the entire day.
Even though these women saw amazing results using Chebe, they couldn't keep using it. Their lives, work, and commitments were simply too much (Just like most of us) to have their hair covered in a messy paste 24/7

Introducing Allurium Hair Growth Serum: the first baldness and thinning edges reversing elixir carefully formulated for black women and our busy lives

Here's What's Inside: