Color:  Blue


🥪 Make a Sandwich in Three Minutes And Enjoy Your Morning With This Amazing Breakfast Machine!

Experience the joy of cooking delicious meals in record time with our product. It heats up quickly and efficiently, allowing you to cook your favorite dishes in 3 minutes.


  • Non-stick sandwich frying pan: The shell of the sandwich machine is made of heat-resistant high-temperature resin, and the baking pan is made of food-grade aluminum,fast heating speed, high heat transfer efficiency, uniform heating, streamlined body, food-grade non-stick coating, low oil consumption, high temperature and wear resistance.
  • Wide range of applications: Breakfast pans are suitable for making sandwiches, waffles, grills, steaks, etc. They are ideal for small kitchens, dormitories and offices. They can be used to bake bread on a campfire, gas stove or electric ceramic oven. Induction heating use is prohibited!
  • Easy care: Sandwich double-sided sandwich pans are easy to clean and after cooling, simply wipe with a damp cloth or clean with a neutral cleaner in warm water. Please do not scrub with wire balls, etc. It is recommended to wash the outer surface of the pan frequently, which will prevent dirt from solidifying.
  • Easy to enjoy a delicious breakfast: Toast, sandwich your favorite vegetables as well as fried eggs, and you can make a delicious breakfast in 3 minutes!


Material: aluminum (pan) + resin + PC
Weight: 1 kg
Size: 21*16*9cm
Pan size: 14*13cm
Color: Light blue/White
Rated power: 520W
Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz
Safety device: temperature controller, temperature fuse (230°C)

Precautions for use

  • Before cooking, you can heat both sides of the product with a small fire, but do not over-air burn. Because the aluminum alloy is a very good thermal conductivity of the material, so even a small or medium fire can be completely cooking, please do not use a strong fire.
  • Do not drop the product, or dip it in water immediately after use, or soak it in water. Rapid temperature changes may cause damage, deformation or breakage of the product. Cooking or after cooking, the product is still hot, it is strictly prohibited to touch the product with your hands to avoid burns.
  • When putting this product on the stove, depending on the placement method and the shape of the base, this product may fall over, please make sure the product is placed smoothly before starting to use.
  • Can not be used in microwave ovens, ovens, dishwashers, dish dryers.
  • Prohibit children to use this product.