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Product Description

"Teeth, hair is the root of people" - since ancient times, hair has become an indispensable "bright spot" of beauty for everyone. But not everyone is lucky to have glossy hair...


>> messy hair, hair ends are not very smooth, make you uncomfortable and lack of confidence

>> You often lose your hair, and stroking it can cause a lot of hair loss

>> headache over a long period of time can make hair thinner and thinner, and even if you have a headache, it is very worrying


Improving damaged hair and thickening it with the best ingredients found in nature.

OUHOE Growth Spray - An effective hair growth spray

The FEG brand, with more than 10 years of research and development experience, aims to provide customers with the best health and beauty products. With the launch of our latest product: OUHOE Growth Spray, we are proud to have taken another step towards achieving our goal.

Through a harmonious combination of the most natural ingredients, with the help of strict censorship and modern machinery, OUHOE Growth Spray delivers outstanding results:

Contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients to help reduce hairiness. Soften the hair bundle; Strengthens hair and reduces dandruff; Damaged hair


�� Camellia extract: replenish moisture for hair, reduce dryness and restore damaged hair.


Maqui Berry Extract: Helps maintain a healthy scalp and strengthens the roots of the hair. This helps prevent hair loss.


Grass Extract: Contains silica, which helps reduce hair loss and stimulates hair growth quickly. Helps your body absorb the best vitamins and nutrients. This is the premise to help your hair firm without breaking.


�� Pea Protein Extract: The plant-based protein portion has the ability to quickly absorb hair and make it thicker and thicker.


Tripeptide 1 copper is ideal for improving hair growth by expanding hair follicles (wider hair follicles make hair thicker and stronger).


OUHOE spray is excellent

OUHOE Growth Serum will not only make your hair thicker and longer, but will also make your hair shimmer. The results can be felt after only 15 days of use.


(*) The effect of the product varies according to each person's situation and locatio


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