🔥 Electric Stirring Magnetic Coffee Cup

Color:  Green


Automatic electric mixing cup. Lazy coffee cup with lid. Multifunctional automatic mixing of milk coffee.


  • [Double-click to start]: Using the principle of physical stirring, rapid stirring and rapid heat dissipation.

  • [Strong power]: The high-speed motor drives a strong vortex water flow,Quickly stirs water and powder mixtures.

  • Lightweight and portable.Mini compact ,convenient and easy to carry.Put it into the backpack casually,you can carry it anywhere you want to go.

  • [Magnetic induction]: Double-click automatic stirring, automatic stirring of coffee, milk tea, fruit jelly, granules, glucose powder protein, milk powder, honey, etc.


  •  [Type-c efficient charging]: Long battery life, 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge

  • [food-grade material]:safe and healthy, the inner liner is closed design. 

  • [Silent Operation]: Release strong twisting power, and low-pitched whipping can easily stir viscous granular liquids


Color: white, green, light yelloe, pink
Capacity: 400ml
Style Type: minimalist style
Material: stainless steel, pp
Size: 15.3 * 6.3cm