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Color:  GREEN
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This fly trap features the latest spherical design, with 360-degree coverage and a visual effect that mimics the shape and color of fruit to attract flies. 

Effect display:


Safe and Convenient Fungus Gnat Sticky Trap: Fly Trap Ball is an odorless Eco-Friendly bug killer Made of eco-friendly materials and glue, this spherical fungus gnat sticky trap is non-toxic and odorless.

It uses high-quality glue with strong adhesion to prevent pests from escaping.

Easy to Use:  EveryFly Trap Ball has a loop molded onto the top that enables it to be hung from a tree or pole with the Included rope or a shepherd’s hook. It is most effective to have the ball approximately 4-5 feet off the ground in the sun adjacent to the shade.Empty the trap every few days - so that flies will not smell dead flies and get keen on the device.

Widely Used:Widely used in the park, family farms (farmers market), farms, green belts, toilets, garbage rooms (field), restaurants, slaughterhouses, canteens, and other public places.Used on many occasions. Green and no harm to people and pets.


  • Size: 8 cm*8 cm.
  • Name: Fly Trap Ball.
  • Material:Heavy duty weather resistant yellow PVC,Easy, environment-friendly, and safe to use.
  • Weight: 25g.
  • COLOR: Green/Yellow
  • 1 x Fly Trap Ball.