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A golf training aid that gives instant feedback on your swing.
The Golf Daddy is a sequin based mat that gives you a detailed analysis of how your club head makes contact with the ground.

Master Your Swing Path
Improve your golf swing by mastering your divot.

A divot tells you everything about your swing. Seeing an instant representation of your divot, helps you build muscle memory for that perfect swing.

Why Go Pro?

  • Durability - thin yet sturdy sole prevents rips against the hardest swings. Also, we put extra effort into the sequins so they will never fly off. The PRO can withstand your hardest swing, if not, we'll give you your money back.
  • Versatility -Use it anywhere, no velcro needed and a stake for outdoor usage is provided. It also comes with a clip for your golf bag.
  • Precision -Clearer divot than grass. Your divot is more precise and clear than anywhere else. This means greater improvements on your swing.

What's In The Box:

  • Golf Daddy Golf Hitting Mat Shows Swing Path
  • Stake
  • Clip
  • Video Divot School