HOT SALE -- Cute Design Professional Pet Nail Clippers for Dog & Cat

😹If your pet is resisting nail clipping, you must have cut the blood line in the nail.🐶 Now, try this .😎 🆗Bright LED light, safe nail cutting 🆗Clean and burr-free, suitable for cats and dogs 🆗Transparent baffles are splash-proof and light-proof 🆗Built-in detachable file, cutting and grinding in one 🆗Professional ultraviolet light detection to prevent skin diseases 🚚🛍️Shop Now!"⬇

Color:  Yellow
Lighting Style:  UV lamp


Do you have these troubles?

1 The cat's nails are long, and it is easy to be hooked by curtains, screens, clothes, carpets, etc, causing injuries and bleeding.
2 The attack value against the shovel officer/other cats/furniture is too strong.
3 Cat nails are too pointy, they are easy to scratch themselves.

Our Nail Clippers is specially designed to your Pets.

High quality materials! (Durable and Comfortable handle, easy to hold whill using the cliper).

Razor Sharp Blade& Super bright LED light illuminates light colored nails(Easily loacated nail’s quick to avoid over cutting). 

Safety Lock & Nail FileHidden Nail polish file stored on the bottom of handle).

   Give your pet a healthy and happy life!




   This product is equipped with 3 LR44 button batteries, installed with insulation sheets, To make the switch is activated during transportation, the transparent insulation plate can be removed after receiving the product, and it can be used directly.


Product Informatie:


Color: Yellow, Green, Purple
Style: Purple lamp model, White light model
Material: ABS, stainless steel
Applicable objects: Dogs, Cats, Birds, rabbits, foxes, chickens, ducks, etc., pets that must Have their nails trimmed
Battery: LR44*3