HOT SALE -- Golf Tee with Magnetic Plastic 360 degree Bounce

Size:  79mm/3.11inch
Quantity:  5 * pcs/Set


High-Quality Materials: The golf tee is constructed from durable plastic and magnetic materials. This ensures longevity and reliability during use.

360 Degree Angle: The Tee design allows for a 360-degree angle, which can assist golfers in quickly locating the desired angle for their shot.

Bounce Design: This tee has a unique bounce design, providing an incredible 360-degree bounce. This feature likely helps with stability and ease of use while teeing up the ball.

Compact and Lightweight: The Tee is described as small in size and light in weight, making it easy to carry around and use on the golf course.

Low Resistance: The Tee's castle crown and magnetic connection are designed to reduce friction, resulting in low resistance impact. This design is meant to increase the distance the golf ball can travel compared to using traditional tees.

Rope Connection: The Tee is connected to a durable rope, which prevents loss and ensures that you won't misplace it on the course. Additionally, the magnetic connection between the head and shaft makes it easy to assemble and reassemble the tee.

Application: This magnetic golf tee is specifically designed for golf training and practice. The unique elastic rebound design, with its 360-degree rebound capability, likely aids in practicing different types of shots.

Overall, it seems like this golf tee is designed to enhance the golfer's experience by providing durability, ease of use, and features that can potentially improve their performance on the course.

Material: Plastic + Magnet
Quantity: 5 x Magnetic Golf Tee
Optional Length: Approx  79mm/3.11inch , 90mm/3.54inch .