HOT SALE -- Hair Growth Brush

Color:  Black


The All-In-One Intensive Haircare Tool To Fuller, Longer & Healthier Hair!

  • Stimulates hair growth with 650nm red laser light
  • Regulates scalp oiliness and adds shine with blue light therapy
  • Promotes scalp health and reduces hair loss with massaging action
  • Ensures deep absorption of oils/serums with a heatless nano-atomizer
  • Offers a stress-relieving experience through therapeutic scalp massages

How Each Mode Works

Red Light Feature: Utilizes a 650nm wavelength to deliver low-level laser light, aiming to invigorate hair follicles for potential growth. It’s designed to boost circulation to the scalp, potentially leading to denser, healthier hair.

Blue Light Feature: Offers 470nm blue light therapy to help manage scalp oil production and reduce greasiness, contributing to scalp health and hair’s natural luster. Its antimicrobial action targets scalp bacteria, promoting a cleaner scalp environment.

Scalp Massager: Integrates 3-modes massaging feature to increase scalp blood flow, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to support follicle health and help in preventing hair loss, while also providing a relaxing experience that may reduce stress.

Nano-Atomizing Advantage: Features a nano-atomizer for a uniform and efficient application of hair oils and serums, ensuring deeper absorption without heat, maximizing the benefits of your hair care products.


How To Use

  1. Charge It: Before the first use, make sure your device is fully charged.
  2. Daily Use: Set aside 10-15 minutes daily for your rejuvenation session.
  3. Light Therapy: Focus the device on areas you want to treat for a few minutes each.
  4. Essential Oils: If you’re using oils, mix them with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil first to avoid irritation.
  5. Apply: Gently apply the diluted oils to your hair as needed.