Hot sale -- Long-Sleeve Velvet Midi Dress

💖Step into a world of refined elegance with our Long Sleeve Velvet Midi Dress. The long sleeves add a touch of sophistication, and the velvet fabric creates a magical allure. Elevate your style effortlessly!✨

Color:  Black
Size:  S



Indulge in luxurious elegance with our Long-Sleeve Velvet Midi Dress. Crafted from sumptuous velvet, this dress exudes sophistication and charm. The midi length and long sleeves offer a classic silhouette, while the velvet fabric provides a touch of opulence. Perfect for evening affairs or special occasions, this dress will elevate your style effortlessly.


  • Luxurious velvet fabric for an opulent look and feel.
  • Long sleeves and midi length for a classic and elegant silhouette.
  • Suitable for evening events, dinners, or special occasions.

Size Chart:

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