HOT SALE -- Vegan Keratin Smooth & Shine Mask

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"My Brittle And Dry Hair Is Finally Soft & Luscious Again"


Use Natural Keratin To Repair Damage And Get Silky Smooth Hair

Harnesses the power of vegan keratin, a plant-based marvel that mimics the structural proteins of natural hair.

Unlike traditional treatments, our formula bonds seamlessly with your hair, fortifying each strand. This ensures a deep penetration, offering rejuvenation from within. The result?

How Plant Based Keratin Will Save Your Hair

  • Mimics Real Keratin

    Bonds naturally with hair, mimicking its structural proteins for deep nourishment and revitalization

  • Deep Penetration

    Its unique ability to penetrate deeply ensures revitalized hair from within, delivering smoother, healthier locks

Tranform Your Hair Like Our 3921+ Happy Customers

  • Laura Dueck

  • Pam Lowe

  • Amber Johnston


7-Min Mask Gets You Salon-Level Smoothness

Our mask is scientifically formulated to act quickly, penetrating deep into the hair shaft within just 7 minutes.

The active ingredients work their magic efficiently, revitalizing and nourishing your hair in a short span.

It's not about the time; it's about the potency and effectiveness of the formula.


Nourishes Your Hair Without Making It Feel Heavy

Designed with a lightweight formula that moisturizes without leaving any residue.

It nourishes your hair, enhancing its natural shine without the greasiness.

The result is hair that feels soft, looks radiant, and remains bouncy. Trust in a mask that understands the balance between hydration and a fresh feel.

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