IONSTech Unique Fiber Restoration Shaper

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 As it's a close-fitting garment, better wash daily. We suggest buying 2 or more.

Alicia Michaels from Brooklyn, New York, Showed Us Her Incredible Results with Our Latest Product!

"Within a short time of using this shaper, I was able to get incredible results in my weight loss journey! This product really helped me burn off fat and shed my excess weight! I feel so light and so much better! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Cher Watson, from Reno, Nevada, showed us her experience with our product:

"I absolutely love this shaper! I wore it for a couple of weeks and it really helped remove my stretch marks while shaping my body! It's the best thing I've bought this year! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Why does Fat Get Stored in the Belly Faster?

Many women will notice an increase in belly fat as they get older. Even if they aren't gaining weight. This can be caused by poor circulation and the metabolism slowing down when getting older.

Poor Digestive and Blood Circulation can all speed up fat being stored in the belly. Poor digestion and circulation slow down the body's metabolism and organ function. When your organs aren't in their best shape, it slows down calorie burn and weight loss, which results to more fat deposits in your belly.

The Role of IONs in Weight Loss

IONs do an incredible job of improving the body's blood flow and circulation. It provides the whole body and all the organs with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function at their best.

It also helps boost and better the body's digestive function. This allows the body to burn calories faster, break them down efficiently, and convert them into usable energy that we can use to work out and exercise. Further increasing the rate at which we lose weight.

Why Do Women Get Stretch Marks?

The formation of stretch marks is mainly due to thethe influence of pregnancy hormones , coupled with the expansion of the abdomen , the elastic fibers and collagen fibers of the skin are damaged or broken , resulting in thinning and thinning of the abdominal skin, and some pink spots of different widths and lengths appear or purple wave pattern. After childbirth, these lines will gradually disappear, leaving white or silvery white shiny scar lines called stretch marks . Stretch marks appear mainly on the abdominal wall, but can also appear on the inner and outer thighs , buttocks, chest, lower back, and arms hormonal influence of pregnancy, coupled with the expansion of the abdomen, which causes damage or breakage of the elastic and collagen fibers of the skin, resulting in thinning and thinning of the abdominal skin, and the appearance of some pink or purple wavy patterns of different widths and lengths.

After childbirth, these patterns will gradually disappear, leaving behind white or silvery-white shiny scar lines, known as stretch marks. Stretch marks appear mainly on the abdominal wall, but may also appear on the inner and outer thighs, buttocks, breasts, back of the waist and arms. They are most obvious in new mothers and are accompanied by skin laxity, breast sagging and abdominal fat accumulation, which seriously affects women's postpartum physical and mental health.