Welding High-Strength Oily Glue

Capacity:  50ml
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Instantly and seamlessly glued back as its new.

Cracks, damages, loose ends on your favourite items might give you pain in the heart. Why spending on replacements when you can repair them with the Welding High-Strength Oily Glue that can give them back to you as good as new.

The Welding High-Strength Oily Glue is formulated to  bond your broken items.


  • Instant Bond: Oily glue repairs the products into a strong bond instantly. 
  • Like it's New: Retains your item’s original look by adhering its loose ends back to their normal shape.
  • Dry In 10s: Quick and easy. Repairs like magic. 

  • Waterproof: Strong bond does not wear off even after being washed multiple times.
  • Shockproof: The adhesion will not lose its durability even if you put tension on it.
  • Soft And Strong: Unlike cement glues, the oily glue bonds without getting hard or brittle after some time.
  • Safe On Skin: You can apply the oily glue to the area in need of repair and spread it using your fingers without hurting them.
  • Wide Applicable: Can be used to bond rubber, plastic, porcelain, glass, metal, wood, leather, and other crafts.
  • Net Weight: 30g/50g

Package Includes:

  • 1/3/9xHigh-strengthOilyGlue